The SeaStorm Ride

Get on board landlubbers and lets fight those waves!

SeaStorm Ride

The perfect carousel for all your guests

Up and down and round it goes – with the SeaStorm ride you get a high capacity carousel for a small footprint

SeaStorm Ride

Choose your perfectly fitting theme of our ride

Pirate ships, sea shells, wooden rafts or viking ships – let your imagination be our guide and let us create your individual design.

  • SeaStorm Ride
  • SeaStorm Ride
  • SeaStorm Ride
  • SeaStorm Ride

These are the main features of the SeaStorm Ride

  • variable speeds

  • ride direction change

  • 2-seater gondolas

  • optional individual design 

  • high-capacity ride

  • indoor & outdoor capable

  • optional onboard light & sound