The YoungSTAR Coaster

Real rollercoaster fun even for the little ones from four years old or 39 inch height.

YoungSTAR Coaster

YoungSTAR Coaster:
The rollercoaster for the whole family.

Our 1-meter and more coaster will probably be the first coaster experience for your 4-year-old guests. The single lap bars and ergonomic shaped seats offer the most comfortable way for your little guests to ride a rollercoaster.

YoungSTAR Coaster

Endless Possibilities: Theme Your Ride To Your Story

It’s a horse, it’s a coyote, it can be everything – each YoungSTAR Coaster can be themed to your storytelling. Please ask us about your special theme.

  • YoungSTAR Coaster
  • YoungSTAR Coaster
  • YoungSTAR Coaster

Incredible Features: It’s tailormade for your needs.

The YoungSTAR Coaster is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose.

YoungSTAR Coaster

Versatile seat design

Not only the seat is designed to fit perfectly from 1 meter an up but also the track has been taken into account. Bent to perfection this rollercoaster is perfect for the little ones.

Inversion Capable

Space saving storage

In order to safe some of your valuable land the YoungSTAR Coaster can be equipped with a vertical switch in the station. Use the building to integrate the maintenance facility on the lower level while loading and unloading takes place on the first floor.