The Wild Mouse – a true classic from Mack Rides

First built in 1921 – today a coaster that can be found in many themeparks.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse:
Small footprint – huge emotions.

The 4-seater cars offer a great coaster experience for a small footprint. As the cars careen around the corners, riders of the Wild Mouse will have the illusion that the car is falling off the track, providing another great thrill.

Wild Mouse

Endless Possibilities: Theme Your Ride To Your Story

Indoors with different lighting effects or outdoors with a blasting sound system – each Mack Rides attraction can be themed to your storytelling. Please ask us about your special theme.

  • Wild Mouse
  • Wild Mouse
  • Wild Mouse
  • Wild Mouse

The Main Features:

The Wild Mouse offers a wide variety of options to fulfill all your dreams with this kind of ride

Powered Coaster

Let’s go vertical

How about starting a rollercoaster ride with a vertical lift? Your guests get on board and before they even realize it, the cars are lifted up to the maximum height – offering great views and a lot of anticipation.

Wild Mouse

Fun for the little ones

Like all our modern rollercoasters, the Wild Mouse is offering individual lap bars and ergonomic seats so that even the smallest guests can ride safely and comfortable.

Powered Coaster

Make it a darkride

The Wild Mouse is a great choice for a dark ride with a little more thrill. For the slower sections the four seater cars can be pushed by friction wheels. And while the story gets more intense rollercoaster section can offer a lot of surprise.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Most comfortable seats

  • individual lap bars

  • vertical or inclined lift

  • Individual layout design

  • In-Seat Multimedia Options

  • small footprint

  • On-Board Lighting Options

  • Customizable train design

  • dark-ride capable

  • omni-mover station available

  • Indoor & Outdoor capable

  • exciting non-banked curves

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