The Powered Coaster – speed up along the flat track

Do it one or two rounds – the powered coaster will adapt to the crowds.

Powered Coaster:
We give you the controls of the ride.

A powered coaster system that allows you to set the speed of the ride at any given point of the track. Each car is equipped with a motor driven tire to accelerate the train.

Powered Coaster

Endless Possibilities: Theme Your Ride To Your Story

Indoors with different lighting effects or outdoors with a blasting sound system – each Mack Rides attraction can be themed to your storytelling. Please ask us about your special theme.

  • Powered Coaster
  • Powered Coaster
  • Powered Coaster

Incredible Features:

The Powered Coaster comes with different options and features which are unique to a rollercoaster.

Powered Coaster

Do the Locomotion

Due to the selfpropelled cars your layout doesn’t need to have a lifthill or any high points – keep it low to the ground to safe on the foundations and columns and extend the track through your park.

Powered Coaster

Reliable hardware

With 29 installations in the last 40 years, the Powered Coaster is one of the bestsellers of Mack Rides. In the earlier days named “Blauer Enzian” this ride is a must for every themepark.

Powered Coaster

Even more capacity

To offer you even more capacity why don’t you use two trains on the track as we can set up an all new block system for this ride.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Most comfortable seats

  • individual lap bars

  • flexible ride cycles

  • Individual layout design

  • In-Seat Multimedia Options

  • Powerful onboard motors

  • On-Board Lighting Options

  • Customizable train design

  • ride direction change

  • individual train design

  • Indoor & Outdoor capable

  • Great for Dark Ride Integration

  • High-Capacity trains