The Powered Coaster – speed up along the flat track

Do it one or two rounds – the powered coaster will adapt to the crowds.

Powered Coaster:
We give you the controls of the ride.

A powered coaster system that allows you to set the speed of the ride at any given point of the track. Each car is equipped with a motor driven tire to accelerate the train.

Powered Coaster

Endless Possibilities: Theme Your Ride To Your Story

Indoors with different lighting effects or outdoors with a blasting sound system – each Mack Rides attraction can be themed to your storytelling. Please ask us about your special theme.

  • Powered Coaster
  • Powered Coaster
  • Powered Coaster

Incredible Features:

The Powered Coaster comes with different options and features which are unique to a rollercoaster.

Powered Coaster

Do the Locomotion

Due to the selfpropelled cars your layout doesn’t need to have a lifthill or any high points – keep it low to the ground to safe on the foundations and columns and extend the track through your park.

Powered Coaster</