The Hyper Coaster

You want to go even higher? Our 200ft and more rollercoasters are breathtaking.

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Fast, inclined Lift:
A steady, yet fast climb to the top.

MACK Rides will also provide a classic lifthill with the dramaturgy that comes with it: Until the top is reached your guests can get a look from above and see how deep they will plunge at next.

Mega Coaster

Endless Possibilities: Theme Your Ride To Your Story

Steampunk, futuristic rockets or organic shapes – the fibre-glass covers of the Mega Coaster train can be themed to the story you want to tell. Our skilled designers will help you get your very own look of the cars.

  • HyperCoaster
  • HyperCoaster
  • HyperCoaster
  • HyperCoaster

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

This coaster model is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose.
We listen to our guests and integrate their feature requests.

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Modern Seat Design

No shoulder restraints guarantee a maximum of freedom. You never rode a firstclass seat in a rollercoaster like that within the highest safety category (class 5).

Inversion Capable

Advanced Layout Options

We will put you upside down! Our customized layouts will fit your site perfectly and can include several inversions to get a unique rollercoaster experience. Let us show you what options we can include in your ride.

Onboard Lights

Powerful Lighting Options

Let us illuminate your train – built in LEDs in the front and side panels create an extraordinary effect during the night time. Bright front lights will guide the way while the rest of the coaster is illuminating the track beneath the cars.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Most comfortable seats

  • No shoulder restraints

  • Full train design (up to 28 seats)

  • Individual layout design

  • In-Seat Multimedia Options

  • Fast inclined chain lift (up to 45°)

  • On-Board Lighting Options

  • Breathtaking Inversions

  • Customizable train design

  • Reliable magnetic brakes

  • From 7 to 80 years

  • Obstacle free entry

  • BigBoy Seats available

  • Stadium Seating

  • Indoor & Outdoor capable

  • Great for Dark Ride Integration

  • High-Capacity trains


What Else? See where we built the Hyper Coaster already