The Tow Boat Ride

Enjoy a gentle ride with the whole family.

Tow Boat Ride

The station design
great for a seamless entry to the ride

The rotation station suits two purposes for the Tow Boat Ride: it’s not only the most efficient way to load and unload the rafts but also housing the motor of the cable. The rides is therefore all the time perfectly synced, even if you have to slow down the platform.

Tow Boat Ride

We got a whole fleet of boat designs in the docks

Pirate ships, cutter, wooden rafts or viking ships – let your imagination be our guide and let us create your individual design.

  • Tow Boat Ride
  • Tow Boat Ride
  • Tow Boat Ride
  • Tow Boat Ride

These are the main features of the Interactive Boat Ride

  • high-capacity 8-seater boats

  • adjustable water spray amount

  • optional dry baggage area

  • Individual canal layouts

  • on-board and on-shore cannons available

  • broad family orientated attraction

  • automatic deactivation of cannons in the station