The Xtreme Spinning Coaster

Let physics show its power.

Free spinning cars:
Spinning – but limited

MACK Rides created the Xtreme spinning coaster cars with an onboard magnetic brake that limits the rotation speed while keeping the free spin. Depening on the load distribution of the car each ride will be unique and the rotation will differ all the time.

The most beautiful rollercoaster car

Bringing the core values of technology and design to shine on a rollercoaster car was our core mission here – All visitors can see the details of work by our team of mechanical engineers.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

This coaster model is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose.
We listen to our guests and integrate their feature requests.

Avada Admin

Modern Seat Design

Known from our Mega Coaster and Launch Coaster line: No shoulder restraints guarantee a maximum of freedom. You never rode a firstclass seat in a rollercoaster like that within the highest safety category (class 5).

Advanced Layout Options

We will put you upside down! The Xtreme Spinning Coaster is available as launch or lift version: Our customized layouts will fit your site perfectly and can include several inversions to get a unique rollercoaster experience. Let us show you what options we can include in your ride.