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A warm welcome

“Only the good things break through and keep up over time”

– Franz Mack, member of the IAAPA Hall of Fame –

The German family-run business has enduringly shaped the amusement industry like no other. New and innovative rides that delight people are constantly being developed. Every day more than one million people all over the world sit in a ride developed and built by MACK Rides in Waldkirch.

Anyone entering the company building in the small town of Waldkirch soon gets a sense of the inventive spirit and real passion for speed and technology ever-present in this bright and modern space. What once began as a small craftsman’s business has evolved into a smart global player of international standing that has nonetheless retained its down-to-earth credentials.The medium-sized company still builds every single ride individually here in Waldkirch before shipping them around the globe. Take a look around and learn about our newest innovations, get to know us and contact us to let us inspire you for your next project.


The THEA Award goes to MACK Rides

With the prize for outstanding achievement the Inverted Powered Coaster was awarded at the THEA awards ceremony 2017. With it’s customizable ride profile and the ability to integrate several multimedia options, the Inverted Powered Coaster

April 27th, 2017|