Associations & Partners

A global brand needs a global network. Therefore MACK Rides is a supporting member of several associations throughout the industry. They provide an excellent platform for learning through wide ranging education programs, an extensive library of data and materials compiled over the years, and a platform to meet colleagues and friends from the industry.


Since early 2014, VR Coaster has been doing research on extending real roller coasters with VR headsets – both combined perfectly using a path measurement system for a precise synchronization between the real ride and the virtual ride. And, ever since the very first tests, we knew that this would change the way people will be experiencing thrill rides forever.

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Founded in 2002, MACKMedia  is our partner for multimedia content in the amusement industry. They offer a wide variety of 4D movies, motion based movies, dome projections and virtual reality content. Besides that a strong line-up of international IP-trademarks and related merchandise products is available. MACKMedia is your competent partner  in regards to customized productions in your field. And with Coastiality MackMedia offers the leading VR platform for 360° content and rollercoaster movies

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